2018 RECon China 全球商业地产中国大会
2018-4-20    Shanghai, China | 中国上海


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RECon China 全球商业地产中国大会 (04.20)
ICSC Members 会员 RMB 4200/USD 600 RMB 5320/USD 760 RMB 5740/USD 820
Non-Members 非会员 RMB 5425/USD 775 RMB 6545/USD 935 RMB 6965/USD 995
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ICSC China Awards Presentation and Gala Dinner (04.20)
ICSC 中国大奖颁奖典礼及晚宴 (04.20)
Awards Finalist
RMB 1050/ USD 150 RMB 1050/USD 150 RMB 1050/USD 150
Marketing Workshop 购物中心营销培训 (04.21)
ICSC Members 会员 RMB 1050/USD 150 RMB 1260/USD 180 RMB 1400/USD 200
Non-Members 非会员 RMB 2275/USD 325 RMB 2485/USD 355 RMB 2625/USD 375

ICSC's flagship conference in China will gather more than 300 retail real estate industry leaders from around the world to share insights and opportunities.

The theme of this year’s RECon China is: Innovation, Convergence and Consumption in the New Retail Age with programme sessions addressing the technological, socio-economic and demographic changes driving today’s retail real estate industry in China and elsewhere in Asia-Pacific.

Who Should Attend 谁会参加
CEOs, senior retail property professionals, retailers and decision-makers across all departments, including investment, asset management, research, leasing and marketing.
Conference Themes 大会主题
Innovations 创新   Convergence 融合   Consumption 消费升级
While technologies like AI, big data, smart retail, CRM are disrupters, they also drive innovation. How can you adapt these technologies to prosper in the new retail age?
  The growing tsunami of cross-overs, collaboration, and mergers and acquisitions is unlocking new opportunities. How can you ride this exhilarating wave?
不断涌现的跨界,合作、并购等创造了大量的新机遇。您该如何乘上这令人激动的大浪潮 ?
  As Millennials and Generation Z enter the middle-class, their spending is focused on experience, customization and social awareness. How can you win over their hearts, minds and wallets?
 Agenda 日程
Opportunities for Sponsorship & Branding 赞助和宣传机会
Sponsorship and branding opportunities at ICSC’s China flagship event, RECon China, will propel your company to the forefront of the China retail real estate landscape, reaching senior-level decision makers across the industry.
-Sponsorship 赞助
Our sponsorship solutions provide the highest-level of visibility and maximum delegate engagement.Packages can be tailored to your objectives and needs and are available at different tier-levels focused on specific themes.
-Advertising 广告
Highlight your brand with an advertisement in the event guide or on-site at the conference venue.
-Exhibit 展位
Display your brand and host a meeting point to engage with conference delegates
China Awards 中国大奖
ICSC China Shopping Centre & Retailer Awards is a celebration of excellence within China’s retail real estate industry. The Awards Presentation will be held during RECOn China on 20 April.
ICSC 中国购物中心 & 零售商大奖旨在表彰中国商业地产行业的卓越成就,颁奖典礼将于4月20日举行的RECon China 全球商业地产中国大会期间举行。
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